Ramadan is about living the values and virtues of the Holy Month. Everyone has their own take on what these mean to them, and they’re proud to share this with their friends and families.

FAB brought these values to life during Ramadan across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the form of beautiful street calligraphy.

  • Role Creative idea, execution and art direction.
  • For FAB
  • Date 2019
  • Type On ground Activation and Social Media.

We kicked off our campaign with a video introducing the initiative and our artist Diaa Alam where he invited the people to share what three values of Ramadan meant to them. Then the best comments where drawn in beautiful Arabic calligraphy in his artworks which will took place in three different locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The first event took place at FAB's headquarters in Abu Dhabi were the employees participated live by sharing what the first value "Tolerance" meant to them.

The second event took place at one of the most iconic places in Dubai, City walk. The value was "Perseverance", being shared 3 days earlier online, we received amazing comments ready to go on our artwork.

The final event took place at The Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, were FAB was hosting an Iftar for it's partners and the value used was "Generosity". Sheikh Zayed's portrait was the hero of the artwork being the perfect representative for such value.